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"The Insiders Report For Small Business Owners" 

 18 Simple Strategies To Give Your Business More Leads, More Clients And More Net Profit So You Can Flourish In A Bad Economy.  (Valued at $47)

Mick Kenny is the most sought after direct response marketing copywriter and consultant for small and medium sized businesses on the Sunshine Coast. He is famous for creating attention grabbing promotions and campaigns that skyrocket leads and sales directed at a targeted niche.

           Dear fellow business owner. I understand the pain and frustration of running a small business. The sleepless nights of not knowing how bills are going to be paid. The uncertainty of where the next sale is coming from. The dreaded phone calls from creditors. Everyday we hear of more businesses closing down. People being put off work. The uncertainty of being an employee and if you will have a job. I've been there and I know it's not a nice place. But you can do plenty of things to change that.

          If I could show you a guaranteed way to target more of your ideal client, convert those prospects into buyers making you more money, all with less resistance, would you be interested?

           Have you ever wondered how some businesses seem to thrive and grow while their competitors, possibly you, seem to struggle trying to keep their head above water. Well successful businesses know the secrets you need to do to keep on top of the pyramid, so to speak. And I'm going to reveal them to you in my free report.

          You see nothing happens until a sale is made. And to make a sale, to get customers in your door or the phone to ring, you need good marketing. Without good targeted marketing your business will struggle and suffer.

          In my report I'm going to show you how to accomplish this for your business.

          Some of the secrets you will discover in this report that could make you Rich, Relaxed and Happy... and forever free from stress, frustration and worry are:
How you can get an Unfair Advantage and become a category of one you're competitors wont be able to touch.

How to get customers pre-sold before you even speak to them.

How to create multiple asset's in as little as an hour each that could literally pay you over and over.

How to become a Welcome Guest and not an Annoying pest with your emails and letters.

Plus more tips and strategies to help your business thrive from a local business owner who has been there and done that and spent thousands of dollars discovering all this and is giving it to you for free.

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Mick Kenny
Accelerated Business Marketing
"More Leads, More Customers and More Profits In The Next 12 Months...Guaranteed"

P.s. You may be wondering why I am giving away this information for free when it has cost me thousands of dollars in coaching, seminars, books and memberships to learn this stuff. Well I am sick and tired of seeing small business's shut their doors because they simply don't know this information. If someone had offered me this free information back when I started my first business I would have saved and earned a lot more money a lot quicker.